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VRKADE Field Trips and Education

VRKADE Field trips are created in partnership with schools and educators to be able to provide a custom educational field trip that uses the incredible tool of virtual reality to help students in the visualization and understanding of complex subjects. Experience the impact this new and advanced form of education can have on your students.

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Grade 7


Grade 7 Science (Stanford)

This is a brief introduction to this unit and grade.

Provide your students with a one of a kind learning experience that not only will increase their retention but provide an easy learning scaffold for each child with unique visual learning materials like no other.

Get your class to experience and explore the amazing world of ecosystems and interactions. They will explore the life of a tree and the ecosystem it supports, learn about endangered species, compare Metropolitan cities and landscapes to untouched areas and learn about the acidification of our oceans through our amazing partner program created by Stanford University.

Stanford Ocean Acidification experience:

This amazing experience allows your students to interact and see the effects of pollutants on our oceans and coral reefs.

Stanford Ocean Acidification Experience
Stanford Ocean Acidification Experience
Google Earth:

Our custom created tours allow your kids to explore and observe the difference between largely populated metropolitan areas and untouched nature. This allows your students to observe the effect human life has on the landscape, from agriculture to sound, light and heat pollution.

Coral Compass:

In this 360 experience, our students travel to Palau, a small island nation in Micronesia, home to coral reefs that draw visitors from around the globe. See and experience how Palau is adapting to climate change to combat its effects on their reefs and economy.

Stanford Ocean Acidification Experience

Grade 7
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